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The Holiday Happenings App contains all the content found in our free print and digital booklets plus much much more!

You can....

-  access more detailed program information. (prices, age range etc)

-  search and filter listings by name, category and age.

-  see what businesses offer FREE activities for kids.

-  see what activities are closest to your location.

-  save and quickly access your "favourites".

-  contact activity providers from the app (email, phone & website).

-  access deals and promotions from holiday activity providers.

-  access deals and promotions from other ACT businesses. 

Its never been easier or faster to find fun and entertaining things for your kids to do each school holiday period.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  From June 2020, users will have free access to all features on the Holiday Happenings App. (both Apple and Android versions)

Available on both Apple & Android devices

App Features

Activity Feed

Find all the best school holiday activities, programs and events in your local area for kids.

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“Holiday Happenings has been a part of our family for many years. Our children always enjoy the various activities offered each holidays. Thanks Holiday Happenings” 


—  Leah Brennan, Parent

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