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Due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no "Print Booklets" published for our Autumn 2021 Edition. All content will be available FROM MARCH 4th in our digital booklet and FROM MARCH 9th on our mobile applications. Both are available free of charge for all users


Holiday Happenings prints 36,000 booklets every edition. These are distributed to:


 - 126 Primary Schools

 - 14 High Schools

 - 14 Community Centres

 - 10 Libraries

 - 7 Family Service Centres.


These are often in high demand by extended family members, carers of school aged children and parents of pre-schoolers. If you are looking to get your hands on our latest edition you will find FREE copies of each publication at the public pick up locations below.

Booklets are delivered to Canberra Primary Schools during week 6 of every term. If you are yet to receive your copy please see the schools reception staff or

contact Holiday Happenings.


Don't forget you can also view your FREE copy right here on our website.

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