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Deal Redemption Process

​Staff only need to press 2 buttons! (see steps 3 & 4)

Step 1.

User presses  Access Deal  Button

The app user will perform

Step 1 & 2 before coming

into your business.

Step 2.

User must provide their full name to access the deal. (Providing a contact number is optional)

Note: This information, along with the deal title and unique deal code will be emailed to the business providing the deal. Should a business not wish to receive this information the feature can be switched off.

The user has now accessed this Deal and is ready to redeem it with your business.

Step 3.


To redeem their deal the user will provide staff with this screen which contains all the deal information.


Staff or User will then simply press the  Redeem with Business   button.​​

Note: If a user is redeeming a deal online or over the phone they can provide the unique code displayed on this screen.

Step 4.

Staff or User confirm the deal redemption by pressing YES, Redeem

The red button on screen signifies this users access to the deal has now been ended.

If you have any questions or experience any problems please contact Holiday Happenings

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