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How do I ensure my artwork is printed in high quality?

  • If your artwork includes images, ensure they are high resolution quality (300 dpi)

  • Avoid placing dark images or logos on top of dark backgrounds.

  • When creating your artwork, please ensure your images, backgrounds and fonts are using CMYK colours. If you are using RGB colours please ensure they are converted to CMYK colours (with a maximum total ink coverage of 300%) prior to sending your artwork. This applies to all PDF files being sent to Holiday Happenings.

Note: All artwork files will run through a CMYK conversion prior to print. Any images, backgrounds or fonts that were not previously converted to CMYK may change their colour appearance from the original proof file provided from Holiday Happenings.

  • When creating your artwork using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator ensure all fonts are Outlined

  • When creating your artwork using other programs ensure your file is saved with all fonts embedded and all layers flattened.


  • Ensure your artwork does not contain coloured areas with a total ink coverage of more than 300% or a black ink coverage of more than 95%. High ink coverage area's can compromise the print quality of your artwork, especially the text. (the darker the colour in your background or text the more chance it has of being a high ink coverage area)

NOTE: If you are creating your artwork using an Adobe Product (indesign, photoshop etc) we can provide our printers ICC Colour Profile for you to upload onto your application. Please contact us for these files.

  • If your advertisement is being printed in black & white please ensure your artwork is converted to greyscale.

Why does my printed artwork look different on my screen?

Your printed artwork may look different to what you are viewing on your computer screen as printers and monitors produce colours in different ways. Monitors use the RGB colour model which usually supports a wider range of colours. Printers use the CMYK colour model which can only reproduce some of the colours in the RGB range.


  • If using "black" or a "single colour" font, do not use font sizes less than 6.5pt.

  • If using "black" ensure it is made up from "K" ONLY.

  • Do not use the black colour named ‘Registration’ anywhere in your artwork. Using this form of black can cause characters to appear blurry and shadowed, especially in smaller fonts. (This colour includes 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 100%. Key/Black. and exceeds the ink coverage guideline)

  • If using "white font" ensure the font is bold and do not use font sizes less than 10pt

  • If using "coloured fonts" (made from more than 1 CMYK colour) do not use a font size less than 10pt.

NOTE: Please avoid using coloured fonts made up of more than two CMYK colours. Font colours made up using more than two of the CMYK colours run the risk of appearing blurry and shadowed when printed.

  • Set black characters to overprint rather than knocking out the background.


You can send your artwork to us in the following formats: 


Word Doc.


Please ensure your artwork is created using the correct sizing. Artwork that needs to be compressed or enlarged before being placed in the Holiday Happenings booklet may experience issues with image quality and font sizes.


Holiday Happenings cannot guarantee the quality of your artwork once printed if these guidelines are not followed. Most artwork sent to Holiday Happenings already meet these guidelines.

If you have any questions or are confused with anything please contact us.


Email -

Mobile - 0450 663 654

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