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Holiday Happenings App Deals

There are currently 20 businesses that have committed to providing our app users with deals during EVERY school holiday period. 


Over the coming months, Holiday Happenings will continue to build on these deals as we endeavor to help make the school holiday periods cheaper for Canberra families.


In the mean time, we're giving everyone:



until February 12, 2018 *

Deals will be available every holiday period.  For example, use the 2 for 1 offer at Wokitup this winter and when the spring holidays arrive in October, you'll get to use the same great deal all over again!

* Free access to the Holiday Happenings deals will be through a "trial subscription" which will end on Monday February 12, 2018. Please note you will be required to enter credit card details in order to access this trial. However no fees will be charged and no transactions will take place unless you choose to continue with your subscription after the trial period ends (After February 12, 2018). Holiday Happenings uses “Stripe” for this process and your details will be securely kept on their systems. Subscribers will receive an email 2 days prior to the trials end reminding them to opt out of their trial subscription if they no longer wish to continue. For those continuing past the free trial period, a transaction will then be processed for the standard subscription fee of $12.99 for 12 months or $5.99 for 3 months to continue accessing Holiday Happenings deals. Cancelling your subscription at any time is as simple as pressing a button within the app.

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