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Holiday Happenings App Terms and Conditions

Android Devices

1.   General Information

1.1   Holiday Happenings & Holiday Happenings App refers to K Price & N M Price trading as Holiday Happenings™ ABN 90 811 529 644

1.2   The Merchant refers to a third party unrelated to Holiday Happenings that sells and / or supplies the Merchant Offerings & Deals. Holiday Happenings does not sell, supply or provide any of the Merchant Offerings & Deals. Holiday Happenings only promotes The Merchant Offerings & Deals to users of the app.

1.3   The Merchant Offering refers to the goods and /or services supplied and /or provided to the user by the Merchant, as specified on the Holiday Happenings App.

1.4   The Merchant Deal refers to the discount, special offer, goods and / or services supplied and /or provided to the user by the Merchant when the deal code is provided.

1.5   Deal Codes refers to the revealable code which entitles the deal holder to receive the Merchant deal directly from Merchant during the period of time stated on the deal. (the deal period).

1.6   Deal Holder refers to the signed in premium user who activates and reveals the deal code.

1.7   The Deal Period refers to the period of time available for the deal holder to redeem and use the deal code with the merchant.

1.8   Holiday Happenings reserves the rights to unilaterally amend these terms & conditions at any time. All amendments will be posted on-line at You will only be bound to the version of Terms & Conditions applicable at the time you are using the app.

1.9   Detailed Content refers to the information behind each listing found on the app. Each listing will show some basic information to users, while more detailed information regarding the business/holiday activity offerings may be accessed upon selection (tapping) of a desired listing.  The App will only show this "detailed content" to subscribed users of the App.


2.   App Content

2.1   All content has been provided to Holiday Happenings by the individual merchants whom it represents. It is the Merchants responsibility to ensure all information is accurate & correct.

2.2   All images used have been provided to Holiday Happenings by the individual merchants and these images remain the property of the Merchants not Holiday Happenings. It is the responsibility of the merchant to ensure all photo/image consent and waivers have been obtained prior to their use in the Holiday Happenings App.

2.3   Holiday Happenings endeavours to provide accurate information relating to all its content. However, Holiday Happenings takes no responsibly if information is incorrect or false.

2.4   In the event there is any false, misleading or incorrect content being displayed on the Holiday Happenings App, we will immediately withdraw, take down, or replace the content in question.

2.4.1   Holiday Happenings takes no responsibility for such information being present on the app, unless due to an administrative error by Holiday Happenings.

2.4.2   Holiday Happenings will investigate with the merchant the reason such information was supplied, however take no responsibility for it being provided.


3.   Free App Use

3.1   All users have free access to the Holiday Happenings App. This includes the viewing of all business/activity listings found on the App's "Activity Feed" as well as the "detailed content" behind each listing.

4.   Subscription Use of the App

4.1  As of June 2020, all subscriptions to the Holiday Happenings App will end. The app will no long require a subscription to access the full list of app features and content.

4.2  Holiday Happenings will attempt to contact all current subscribers to inform them of this change along with instructions on cancelling their subscription from within the Android App.


4.3  If a user fails to cancel their subscription prior to a renewal payment, they can contact Holiday Happenings at

5.   Merchant, Offerings & Deals

5.1   The Merchant, and not Holiday Happenings, is:

5.1.1   the supplier and /or provider of the Merchant Offering and / or Deal

5.1.2   the party who enters into an agreement with the user or deal holder when the offering is taken up or the deal is redeemed.

5.1.3   solely responsible for providing the user or deal holder with the Merchant offering and deal or deal itself.

5.2   The merchant may also have its own terms and conditions applicable to an offering or deal, as well as those described in this document.

5.3   Under no circumstances is Holiday Happenings acting as an agent for the Merchant.

5.4   The Merchant is solely responsible for any incidences or injuries which may occur as a results of attendance, participation or interaction at the Merchant offering or as a result of taking up the Merchant deal.

5.5   The Holiday Happenings App contains merchant contact links that are considered third party materials. Holiday Happenings is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of these and any other Third Party Materials associated to the merchant.


6.   Deal Codes

6.1   Before receiving a deal code, all users are required to enter their first and last name for the purpose of identification. Leaving a contact number is optional.

6.2   Upon clicking and confirming “Access Deal” you are entering into a Merchant/User agreement for them to provide you with the described deal in return for the deal code itself.

6.3   Both parties will receive email notification that the deal has been accessed as well as accompanying instructions on how to proceed.

7.   Redemption of Deals

7.1   All deals;

7.1.1   are only valid for the subscribed user who accessed the “deal”.
7.1.2   can only be redeemed once.
7.1.3   can only be redeemed with the Merchant.
7.1.4   must be redeemed within the relevant Redemption period.

7.2   Deal holders must follow the redemption instructions outlined in the “Deal Redemption” email sent to the user after they access the deal on the app.

7.3   If you do not redeem the deal within the redemption period, the deal expires and cannot be redeemed at a further date.

7.4   Holiday Happenings strongly recommends you take appropriate action soon after accessing a deal. (Book, reserve, purchase, contact merchant etc.)

7.5   Deals are redeemable in their entirety only. They can not be redeemed partially or incrementally.

7.6   In the event the Merchant cannot supply the deal as described, Holiday Happenings accepts no responsibility and the merchant should arrange a suitable replacement deal (if this fails to happen please inform Holiday Happenings)


8.   Use of Deals

8.1   All deals are for non-commercial or personal use only. Deal are not transferable and can not be passed onto any individual or third party.

8.2   You promise not to give false names and /or contact details; or engage in any unlawful activity in connection with the use of the deal codes.

8.3   The reproduction of the deal code is prohibited.

8.4   The commercial trade of the Deals and or Deal Codes is prohibited.

8.5   Holiday Happenings deals are exclusive and may not be combined with other third-party discount programs.


9.   Privacy Policy

9.1   Collection of information.

9.1.1   Signing up as a user requires the exchange of some basic personal information between the user and Holiday Happenings.

9.1.2   Holiday Happening will responsibly keep all personal user information secure at all times.

9.2   Holiday Happenings will use your personal information in the following manner:

9.2.1   To send you email notifications regarding upcoming holiday periods, activities and special deals.

9.2.2   To send notifications to your mobile app regarding upcoming holiday periods, activities and special deals.

9.2.3   To customize the apps content.

9.2.4   To reveal your identity to the merchant (via an email) once a deal has been accessed - Only the users full name needs to be sent.


9.3   Unless required by law, Holiday Happenings will not reveal any personal information, other than that specified in 9.2.4, to any third party source at any time.

9.4   Holiday Happenings collects a number of behavioral statistics during a user’s time on the app. All of this information will be reported anonymously as a collective statistic for the purpose of:

9.4.1   understand how the app is used.

9.4.2   improving our service.

9.4.3   reporting traffic information to merchants.

9.5   For our full privacy policy go to:


Copyright © 2020. The content within the Holiday Happenings App is not to be reproduced, copied or reused without the written permission of Holiday Happenings.
Terms and Conditions – May 2020

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