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Summer Edition 2020

When will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced once you have completed a booking form.

How will Holiday Happenings decide if I will be charged or not?

If you advertise in our Summer edition and run ANY holiday program, activity or event then you will be required to pay your advertising invoice. If you are forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 situation (see scenario’s below) then you won't have to pay anything.

Can you further explain the scenario's where I WON'T be charged?

Scenario 1: COVID-19 restrictions stop you from running your advertised program, activity or event . As a result of this, you don't run ANY school holiday activities.

Outcome: You are not expected to pay your advertising invoice.

Scenario 2: COVID-19 restrictions allow you to run your holiday activity, however enrolments and bookings are so low that you decide to cancel BEFORE your activity begins.

Outcome: You are not expected to pay your advertising invoice.

Can you explain the scenario's where I WILL be charged?

Scenario 1: You run your holiday activity but participation numbers are very low.

Outcome: As soon as you choose to run your program, activity or event, irrespective of participation numbers or profits, you are required to pay your advertising invoice.

Scenario 2: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you run a modified version of your advertised program, activity or event.

Outcome: You are required to pay your advertising invoice. Scenario 3: Your advertisment does not include any specific program, activity or event. You are simply advertising your business.

Outcome: You are required to pay your advertising invoice.

If my school holiday activities are cancelled, what will happen to my digital advertisement and app listing?

If a scenario arises where you cancel your holiday activities then we will place a "Cancelled" stamp on your digital advert. We will also update your app listing to let people know that your activities have been cancelled.

How will Holiday Happenings ensure my advertising exposure is not reduced without a print booklet?

Holiday Happenings has a digital viewing platform and mobile application for all Apple & Android devices. These have been operational for quite some time and are regularly used by many parents and carers. All of these platforms are free for users to access. In addition to this we have:

  • 36,000 flyers being printed and distributed to our regular schools, local pick up places and community centres to direct parents and carers to our digital platforms and summer content
  • A radio advertising campaign schedulled with MIX 106.3 to promote our Summer content in the lead to the School Holidays.
  • Provided Our 126 schools with display posters for their community notice boards. Schools have been extremely welcoming and supportive to date in promoting our content in their newsletters, and will be asked to continue to do this for the upcoming edition.
  • Provided a number of our local pick up places and community centres with display posters to help direct the community to our viewing platforms.

Why won't a print booklet be published for this edition?

With uncertainty around COVID-19 remaining for the period ahead, we have again decided to only produce our content digitally for the upcoming edition. Yes, the ACT has done a great job staying Covid free, however with clusters of Covid cases continue to pop up in neighbouring NSW and VIC, the potential for a return to the ACT still remains.

This decision also allows Holiday Happenings the opportunity to reduce your advertising fees by at least 25% and offer you the security that:

"If COVID-19 restrictions or circumstances stop your activities from running, you will be fully refunded this editions advertising"

Is the mobile application free to download and use?

YES. Our mobile application is no longer a "subscription based service" and is now 100% free to download and use.

Will I receive a credit for my autumn advertising (April holidays) if I didn't run my activities?

Unfortunately you won’t.

Our autumn print booklets were delivered to schools and local places on March 17th & 18th. The digital booklet and app content was made available to users from March 6th.

We acknowledge the financial impact COVID-19 had on our clients who were restricted in running their programs, events or activities due to the escalating COVID-19 situation during the April Holidays. However we ask that they understand that Holiday Happenings outlaid a considerable amount of money to successfully meet our obligations in producing, publishing and delivering all autumn content as promised to all our advertisers.

To avoid this from happening again, we have paused production of our print booklets while uncertainty surrounding COVID 19 remains. This has also allowed us to offer our “no charge” guarantee incase heavy restrictions return to the ACT.

 Advertising FAQ Last Updated On October 15, 2020

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